Law of Obligations and Contract Management

The provision of legal consultancy and dispute resolution assistance and services in all areas of the law of obligations, especially contract law, constitutes the core practice of Altay Law Office.

Our office conducts and pursues contract drafting, negotiation, execution, and performance, as well as the resolution of contractual disputes in relation to commercial and other contracts, efficiently conducting consultancy and dispute resolution processes.

Altay Law Office excels in the area of contract law for a wide range of national and cross-border sales agreements, share transfer and shareholders’ agreements, transfer of commercial enterprises, facility agreements, distribution, lease, work, and security agreements, commercial agreements relating to property of real estate and consumer contracts, providing state of art services to its clients.

Our main aim in providing these services is to construct a sound base for all matters of private law on the principles of law of obligations, integrating practical dynamics and needs, and taking into account the technical specificities of law of obligations to provide practical and feasible solutions. In this regard, our office adopts a unified approach, assessing the close relations between property law, commercial law, law of civil procedure, execution, and bankruptcy law. Assisting individual and corporate clients, our office actively carries out all matters relating to contract law, from the beginning of contract negotiations to the execution and performance phases, as well as the resolution of any contractual disputes.