Dispute Resolution and Bankruptcy and Execution Law

Litigation under Civil Procedure Law, Bankruptcy and Execution Law, and Concordat Law

The dispute resolution department of our office has been active in this area for nearly 50 years. All members of the Altay Law Office attend to and thoroughly follow up on the litigation and execution proceedings of our clients, applying our firm’s experience at every stage of the process. Our office has extensive litigation practice relating to civil law, law of obligations, law of property and commercial and company law. Achieving an adequate balance between protective legal measures and dispute management is one of our office’s key areas of focus. Dispute management of real persons and legal entities necessitates overseeing interactions between related lawsuits and maintaining a close relationship with contract management. Accordingly, a comprehensive approach is adopted in all our endeavors.

Altay Law Office provides high quality services in relation to complex and specific matters of law on execution and bankruptcy, especially regarding execution and bankruptcy proceedings, concordat, and other restructuring transactions.


Members of our team act as party representatives and arbitrators in commercial arbitration disputes. We have experience in both national and international arbitration. Both the lawyers and consultants of our office have acted as arbitrators or counsels in commercial disputes before the International Chamber of Commerce, the Vienna International Arbitration Centre, the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Centre, and similar institutions. Associates are members of a number of arbitration organizations, including the Young ISTAC, founded under the auspices of the Istanbul Arbitration Centre.