Commercial Law

Commercial Enterprise Law and Corporate Law

Commercial Law constitutes one of the primary fields of practice of Altay Law Office.

Our office actively provides legal consultancy and dispute resolution services in all commercial matters, from the transfer and pledge of material property and commercial enterprise to ordinary partnerships, including matters related to unjust competition, agency, distribution, similar commercial agents, and other trade law issues. Our office actively conducts and attends to all corporate matters, including the incorporation and liquidation of corporations, especially joint stock companies, following up on their day-to-day affairs. We also organize and carry out restructuring transactions, including mergers, spin-offs and conversion, and provide assistance on matters including liabilities of managers, shareholders’ rights, and any other corporate and commercial legal issues and litigation. Taking into consideration the concrete needs of our clients and the principles accepted in practice based on a solid and informed academic perspective, our office delivers sustainable, objective and practical solutions.

The drafting, negotiation, signing, closing and revision of agreements that concurrently engage the principles of commercial law, specifically including share purchase and shareholders’ agreements, constitute a central part of our practice. The lawyers making up our team represent clients in all commercial litigation and arbitration proceedings. We strive to establish a strong bridge between consultancy and dispute resolution management, merging these two axes of our experience, and in line with our clients’ needs to obtain comprehensive and integrated legal services.

Valuable Papers Law

Altay Law Office provides legal advice under commercial law and law of bankruptcy and execution regarding bill of exchange as well as share certificates, temporary share certificates and other valuable papers.

Banking and Capital Markets Law

We engage in banking law, from a perspective attuned to the commercial operations of banks as well as financial contracts. Facility and project finance agreements are one of the key focuses of this aspect of our practice. We engage both litigation practices and consultancy services in order to see to matters related to capital markets law, in line with current capital market practices.

Legislation governing payment systems has long been at the center of our concerns, yielding many works and studies in this area.