About Us

Altay Law Office was established by Att. Sümer Altay in 1970 in Istanbul. With a dynamic and experienced team, our office provides legal services to Turkish and foreign individuals, entities and corporations on matters of dispute resolution, execution proceedings and legal consultancy.

Our primary focus is to provide legal services of the highest standard to our clients, serving their needs based on scientific principles and practical dynamics, swiftly and correctly. To this end, aiming to provide the most efficient solutions informed by a holistic approach to different areas of law, our work integrates litigation and consultancy services, as inseparable parts of our comprehensive vision.

With nearly 50 years of professional experience, the founding partner of our office, Att. Sümer Altay, has fully embraced the importance of an approach to legal practice informed by rigorous academic research, and has fostered the same philosophy among his colleagues. One of the main purposes of our office is thus to contribute to the legal community through academic publications. Att. Sümer Altay has published seven books, the first of which, Concordat Law, a central reference in the field, was published in 1993 to further our office’s academic mission. Many of our team members also publish influential work.

Att. Sümer Altay is further among the founders of the Istanbul Bar Association Internship Training Centre, established in 1996. After its establishment, Att. Sümer Altay has headed the departments of Civil Procedure Law and Law of Bankruptcy and Execution. He also has taught master courses at Kadir Has University on management and banking law.

Altay Law Office is known for its experience in the areas of civil procedure law, bankruptcy and execution law, and restructuring law, on which Att. Sümer Altay has published numerous works, as well as in the areas of commercial law, banking law, capital markets law, law of obligations, real-estate law, inheritance law and employment law.